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Health Hair Dying, Vitalstyl Giving You Protection

Recently, it is reported that a female teacher died after hair dying because of allergy. The shocking death rings us an alarm on hair dying security. In our life, many people have a hair dying habit, especially for middle-aged and elderly persons. The demands for hair dying grow bigger and bigger, while the quality of hair dyes on the market are quite different and bring customers great trouble on hair dye selection. Besides, poor quality hair dying products also threaten our health even life severely.


In the new future, Vitalstyl is about to sale on the market. Vitalsty is a kind of botanical healthy hair dying product imported from Spain by Tianfu (China) Company. It will bring the idea of Healthy Dying into the domestic market and provide customers with a kind of safe and reliable hair dying product.


Medical Laboratory Produced Provide You with Professional Guarantee

Vitalstyl series hair dying products originated from professional formula of Phergal medical laboratory of Feigal Spain. Feigal laboratory is a European leading medical makeup laboratory with a history of nearly one century. In 1990s, it became a market leader in hair products among medical makeup channels. Its product line covers prescription and over-the-counter medicines, organic health hair dyes, hairdressing nutrition and health care products and anti-allergy skin care products. The products sell well in more than 30 countries around the world.

Plant Essence Ingredient Makes Hair Dying Give You More Hair Care




Vitalstyl series hair dying products use soy extract - ethylene glycol - oleylamine as the dominant element of the formula to improve the penetration of the coloring while protecting while the scalp does not affected by oxidation, so as to make hair dying without contaminating the scalp  come true. Scientific experiments have proved that this product is able to make hair break reduce to 80% through hydrolyzed wheat peptides in the formula, thus making hair become smooth and soft and restore hair health and luster.

Vitalstyl extracted organic ingredients from EU certified sunflower and make your hair away from ultraviolet light and keep your hair strong colors for a longer time. Besides, flaxseed extractives and lemonade nourish the scalp and strengthen hair quality, so as to achieve the goal of hair dying giving you more hair care and bring consumers with longest hair color retention and maximum care.

Ammonia, Resorcinol and Other Ten harmful Chemicals Not Included

At present, there are numerous hair products in China and many of them are marked ammonia not included. However, ammonia is just one of risk substances in hair dying products. Its pungent taste makes it easy to be identified and make consumers aware of that easily. In fact, the vast majority of hair products are all contained a so-called "hidden killer" element - resorcinol - an important part of the colorant, widely used in hair dye products.

Long-term use or contact with resorcinol will bring certain harm to human body, ranging from causing skin irritation to blood cancer and bladder cancer. Vitalstyl hair dye uses plants to extract natural organic ingredients as the main ingredient of hair dye to eliminate ammonia and resorcinol and other harmful substances on the human body. Moreover, it also helps to repair damaged hair and makes your hair back to beautiful luster, so as to protect consumers’ health to the greatest extent.

More Color Options Light Up Your Colorful Life

The first batch of Vitalstyle hair dying products meet with Chinese customers including 2 N natural black, 3N brown black, 5N light brown black,4M deep red brown, 5R light copper brown, 6 C deep gray brown and 6D deep golden brown, can meet the hair dying demands of customers at different ages.